Survival in Germany -study life 在德国极限挑战-学习生活

In 2019, I have lived 8 years in Germany and my limits have been tested everyday in the eight years.


In September 2011, I took my first flight,made the first time abroad. At that time I was 23 years old. With a limited grasp of spoken German, passable English and a lot of excitements, I started my study in a beautiful city called Freiburg, which locates at the southwestern border of Germany with France and Switzerland.

2019年9月,我人生中第一次坐飞机, 第一次走出国门。那一年,我23岁。我用蹩脚的德文口语,还凑合的英文以及极度激动的心情打开了在德国一个叫弗莱堡处于德国西南边境与法国瑞士交界处的城市的学习生活。

In the first month, I lived like in dream in Freiburg. I met a dozen of chinese colleages, joined a few outdoor activities to the mountains, city center. The chinese colleagues were very passionate to organize parties, where we cooked together and the senior students talked about their lives in Germany. In the enthusiastic sunshine of september, my mind was full of “Es muss sein” and “unbearable lightness”(concepts from one book of Milan Kundera).

第一个月,我在弗莱堡过着梦幻的生活。我认识了一打中国的同学,参加了一些去山上或者市中心的户外活动。师兄们对一起做饭聚餐有极大的热情,他们会在这时候聊聊在德国的生活。在九月热烈的阳光中,我的脑海里满满的”非如此不可” 和”无法承受之轻”(米兰昆德拉一书中的概念)。

Life soon balanced me with heaviness. The two years master-program was intensive and the lectures were filling every hour of my day. During the night I had to do the homework. It was like the life that I prepared for “College Entrance exam”. Further more, the examing system was once very confusing to me because it differs very much from chinese examining system. One day I could not take the pressure any more so I talked about “giving up” to one of my colleagues. But he critized me frankly that I shall think about the efforts which brought me to Germany and persevere with the study. Then, I survived my study life.


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