Survival in Germany-living alone 在德国极限挑战-独自生活

In the first 4 years in Germany, I paid most of my attention to eating and drinking. In the last 4 years, given that I won’t be poisoned by the food that I cooked, I managed to focus on the entertainment.


The kitchen is a myth for me when I firstly arrived in Germany. I studied engineering and I always wanted to optimize a standard operational mode to cooking. I put a potato into the oven when I used the oven the first time. After half a hour, it is still raw. After repeated usage of the baking paper, the whole pizza caught on fire in the oven. When frying a dish, I added always a bit red wine, because there is no chinese cooking wine sold in a standard German supermarket. Once I added red wine again in the dish “Scrambled eggs with tomatos” out of momentum, then the eggs were dyed in purple. Finally, after keeping on learning from senior students and stablizing the cooking recipes, I managed to cook 4 dishes and one soup in restricted time.


Upon graduation, I found a job smoothly. I throwed myself immediately in preparing for the driver license examination. To pass the theoretical exam, I exercised more than 6000 questions. To pass the road exam, my mind was blowed constantly by the coach. Afterwards I took a loan from the bank to buy a car. On the day that I drove my car back home, I parked the car on the slope in front of the small house I rent and forgot to pull the hand brake. When I went out of the car and exhausted, the small car started to slide downwards……


With a car, belly fed, I started to wander around. It is not any more a big problem to drive more than 600 kilometers back to Freiburg to visit old friends. Even though the codriver in my car was trembling with fear, I viewed death a return home.


Although the five years old second hand car had made me mobile again, it let me go through a financial crisis. After one year, the car acted as a timed self-destructive terminator, with the components breaking down one after another. I consequently watched the figures in my bank card dancing in single harmonic motion.


Looking at the account of the life those years in Germany, some of them seemed to be a question of to die or not to die, turned out to be small problems. However, those issues which I either ignored or was too busy to regards brought eventually disturbances in my life. They will be the topics of the next blogs.


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