Holding an umbrella in a sunny day and running in a cloudy day晴天打伞阴天跑步

Germany is a country rich in cloudy days. Everyone worked mechanically according to a clock, showing up everyday at different posts punctually. They even need to make a plan for sport and carry out the training according to certain standards. And I find myself a bug in this machine society.


Once I held an umbrella in a sunny day, then came a man riding a bike and shouted: Hey, es regnet nicht. Brauchst Du keinen Regenschirm.


It is a headache for me to see a doctor in Germany. And the doctors in Germany seem to prefer partients who need surgeries. As for symptoms auch as headache, they don’t react normally but to give you leaves. I used to see a turkish doctor and complainted that my cheek ached. He suggested me to a dentist to exmine the wisdom teeth and remove them. Then my upper and lower jaws didn’t fit together, he suggested me to the dentist again to do a surgery. Later on, I had pain in my throat, he suggested that I let cut part of the throat somewhere. At last, I have a headache, I decided to change a doctor.


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